Laboratory of Optical and Quasioptical Investigation and Optoelectronic Devices Design for Infocommunication Systems

Interferometric and polarization-optical setups to determine all components of the tensors of elastic and piezo-optic effect in crystalline materials of all classes of symmetry

Fig. 1. The general view of the created equipment

Fig. 2. Optical scheme of equipment for absolute piezoopical coefficients investigation in crystal on the base of Mach-Zehnder interferometer: 1 - gaseous He-Ne - laser -207; 2 –quarter wave plate; 3,11 – semi-transparent mirrors; 4,5,8 - polarizers; 6,7 – reflecting mirrors; 9 – investigated sample; 10 – counter of chamber for samples; 12 - lens; 13,14 – schematic interference patterns