Laboratory of Optical and Quasioptical Investigation and Optoelectronic Devices Design for Infocommunication Systems

Team Members

Laboratory Head

KLYMASH Mykhailo Mykolayovych
Laboratoty Head
Position: Dr.Sci, Professor, Head of "Telecommunication Department"
Area of Research: The development of modern optical telecommunication data transmission systems, network access, wireless radio technology and mobile communications.
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Project Manager

ANDRUSHCHAK Anatoliy Stepanovych
Project Manager, Main Principal Investigator
Position: Dr.Sci, Professor of "Telecommunication Department"
Area of Research:

Crystalophysics and Crystalooptics, experimental investigation of parametric optical effects in low symmetry crystalline materials, the study of spatial anisotropy of electrical, piezoelectric and acousto-optical interactions in crystals. Computerized design of the basis of highly efficient optical modulator as the main component in fiber-optic information transmission system with external modulation of optical signal.

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YURKEVYCH Oleh Volodymyrovych
Senior Researcher
Position: PhD, Engineer of "Telecommunication Department"
Area of Research: Comprehensive experimental study and analysis of 3D-spatial anisotropy of electrical, piezoelectric, and nonlinear acoustic properties of crystalline materials of different classes of symmetry as a work elements in control and conversion units of laser radiation.
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ANDRUSHCHAK Nazariy Anatoliyovych
Senior Researcher, Web Specialist
Position: PhD, Senior Scientific Researcher of "Electronic Devices Department"
Area of Research:

Theoretical calculation of metamaterials using CST Wicrowave Studio and their experimental investigation

automation of measurement setups using LabVIEW

development of methods and tools for measuring the dielectric permittivity of materials in different frequency ranges

transformation and pattern recognition using MatLab

development of algorithms for 2D/3D images recognition

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SYROTYNSKY Oleh Ivanovych
Leading Specialist
Position: PhD, Associate Professor of "Telecommunication Department"
Area of Research: Investigation of phase shifters in crystalline materials for better control of e/m beam at millimeter wavelengths, the study of electro- and piezooptic effects to control the refractive index change and the development of appropriate software.
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BURYY Oleh Anatolievych
Senior Researcher
Position: Dr.Sci., Associate Professor of "Semivonductors Department"
Area of Research:

crystal physics, crystal optics, Laser Technique. The mathematical modeling and simulation of the processes in crystals and optoelectronics devices. The mathematical approach to optimization of the material properties and parameters of devices.

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